Launching its first phase early 2016, the People+Planet Project will catalyze the global community’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. This platform is for this year and beyond, as we commit to these universal objectives to make the world better for everyone, everywhere in the next 15 years. Read more

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We bring people, technology, innovation and media together to support a more sustainable future.The People’s Haus serves as a gathering space for bloggers, students, media, and civil society. The People’s Haus is a fun and creative environment where people across all sectors can gather both physically and virtually to share ideas, messages, and solutions so that together we can nurture culture creatives that will shape a new sustainable future. Our mission is to catalyzing action in support of the new climate agreements and the sustainable development goals for the planet and its people.Our Inaugural People’s Haus will be on May 5-6 for The Climate Action 2016 Summit in Washington DC.This multi-stakeholder summit will take place two weeks after the signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement, and eight months after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.  This invite only event will be attended by 700 leaders from governments, academia, businesses, civil society, media and NGOs. The summit will serve to strengthen the multi-stakeholder approach to climate implementation. Visit the People’s Haus website to learn where it will be the next.


You care about your global neighbors. You want sustainable development to be a mainstream priority that informs daily decisions. You are committed to play a part in making things better for everyone, everywhere.On the P+PP platform, you’ll be able to connect with an international network of people and organizations that share your commitment to creating a sustainable world, and hold each other accountable for this global responsibility. You’ll also establish a reputation as someone who lives consciously and actively contributes to improving the planet and how we live on it. You’ll be part of a community of individuals, businesses, NGOs and organizations that share your commitment to consume consciously, profit responsibly and live purposefully, because our daily decisions in these areas matter.The P+PP community is free to join, and only members with profiles will be able to take part in the P+PP’s exclusive campaigns.
The P+PP provides the ability for brands to targets and connect with different audiences in the global marketplace in meaningful ways. Now more than ever, consumers care about corporate social responsibility. This platform is how your businesses can show off that it cares about making sure the future is sustainable. Today, and beyond 2015, that matters.Sign your company up for the P+PP to highlight your CSR and mindful governance. Our global community deserves to know about and be led by the brands that are operating and profiting with sustainable models. Your example will educate and inspire a worldwide audience of consumers and producers, motivating them to match your standards of excellence.The P+PP will streamline your communication, create engagement, drive traffic and build momentum to support the projects your brand cares about.There are opportunities for brands to get involved with the P+PP Campaigns to play a central role that amplifies your identity and expands your audience.
Members of the P+PP community will have access to the exclusive P+PP Campaigns that will launch within the platform, beginning in early 2016. The action-oriented, solutions-focused campaigns will be released periodically to engage different people around different areas of impact. While everyone in the P+PP community will have the ability to take part in each of the campaigns, different groups will be more interested in different campaigns depending on factors like age and interests. Each campaign will have an economic, social or environmental focus, and each will contribute to the global transformation needed to achieve the Global Goals.
When the first phase of the P+PP platform launches, you will create your profile on this evolved social network. You’ll form values-based connections with other people and organizations, then engage with them to collaborate and co-create solutions for the Global Goals. You’ll find the initiatives that resonate with you and we’ll tell you exactly how you can take action to help them. After all, actions express priorities. (Don’t take our word for this: Mahatma Gandhi said this first.) Once you’ve participated and made an impact you’ll be rewarded for your acting on your priorities, because your reputation as someone who is acting on their convictions for a better world deserves to be ognized./x_accordion_item]Fifteen years ago, an unprecedented gathering of world leaders adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight targets to end extreme poverty by 2015. Over the course of 15 years our global community made serious strides toward realizing them, but our victories were incomplete. While the legacy of the MDGs is something we should be proud of, we should be humble because our responsibility to each other and to the planet has not yet been fulfilled.Our focus now is 2030.From now until then, our new objectives are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ratified by the UN in September to guide us until 2030. You’ll commonly hear the SDGs called the Global Goals. They’re a rejuvenated commitment to collectively achieve three extraordinary things: End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Reverse the course climate change. Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.54.10 PM
The P+PP is young. As it develops, we are seeking support and involvement from volunteers, interns, individuals, investors, businesses, brands and partners. We’re gathering people to join the P+PP community, and we’d love for you to tell your friends about it. We welcome new relationships and fresh perspectives. If our mission and values reflect yours, let’s talk.
The P+PP is an initiative from The Global Brain, a creative-innovation agency headquartered in Boulder, CO.There are many opportunities for individuals, brands, nonprofits and other groups to explore ways to get involved or form a partnership to strengthen our mission to support the Global Goals. After all, this movement is about working together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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